the book

Button It Up just came out this month — you can find signed copies at Powell’s, buy it on Amazon or ask for it at your favorite local bookstore! I have signed copies in my Etsy shop, too.

Button It Up - table of contents

My book is a collection of 80 craft projects to make with vintage (and new) buttons — a mix of jewelry, housewares and decorations, embellishments, gifts, and accessories. I’ve also written a section on button history and added some of my favorite resources for finding amazing buttons and craft supplies.

You can also search inside the book on Amazon for some colorful sneak peeks.

Button It Up - knotted necklace

Button It Up - dinner party set



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  1. Gave your book and blog a shout-out today over at my blog today… and I directed folks to read AverageJaneCrafters’ review– which was glowing! Hope to get my hands on a copy soon to see for myself. Congrats! -Jenny

  2. Congrats with your new book. I have just ordered your book from a danish bookstore – I simply had to. I think, I am the first person in Denmark (;-))), who have bought the book and even I must wait until May to receive the book, I will show your blog to all my danish girlfriends, who loves creative moments as I do.

    Love and Light
    from Jeannette Mariae, Denmark

  3. […] have made two of these button necklaces like the ones from Button It Up by Susan Beal. This one was for Granny M’s […]

  4. Hi

    I love your book and would like to know where to buy the paddle drop ear wires as I can’t find a supplier. I live in the UK. Would you be able to help?

    Many thanks


  5. I absolutely love your ideas. How do I go about being notified of updates to your blog?

    • Thank you, Pat! I really appreciate it! I just posted today and you can subscribe to the blog if you’d like an email update when I post – I think if you click on “follow” at the top of the page it will let you know.

      I also post at West Coast Crafty more frequently if you’d like to check that out too!

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