project extras

Here are some bonus project patterns, templates, and other extras to go along with your copy of Button It Up!


The Row of Buttons Necklaces

First, a correction: the photos were reversed on Leah Kramer’s Buttons and Beads and my Button Curve Necklace projects (pages 54-57). No text is missing, it’s just easier to make the necklaces when you’re looking at the right pictures! So we made a PDF of the projects paired with the correct photos — download it right here:
CORRECTION: Row of Buttons Necklaces

Sewing Project Extras:

Big-Eyed Owl, Button Sampler Tote, Spring Roll Delight Market Bag

Click here for a PDF of the hand-drawn pattern for my Big-Eyed Owl Button Toy:
DOWNLOAD: Big-Eyed Owl Template

And to find the complete instructions to make Diane Gilleland’s Button Sampler Tote and Kristin Roach’s Spring Roll Delight Market Tote, click on each project name. (These links are to new site pages, not downloads).

Coming soon: Laura Stokes-Estrada‘s tutorial on building your own molds to make your own vintage buttons, complementing her button-casting how-to on page 15! This is an amazing how-to. For now, here’s a peek at some of the buttons she’s cast — gorgeous!


Loop-d-Loop Button Curtains on CRAFT today!

CRAFT: has just posted the free project instructions for making Loop-d-Loop Button Curtains as one of their lovely Pattern Podcasts!



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  1. Hello…I am interested in knowing where I can find those connection finding that you have used to connect the fabric covered buttons to create a bracelet. I am also in love with vintage buttons and would enjoy doing more with them than look at them in my vintage canning jars….Thank you (the post I am referring to is the one on March 16…) Thank you.

  2. Hi Bev,

    I added the exact product numbers/etc. that I used for the ring and bracelet blanks in the comments on that CraftStylish post (, plus another commenter chimed in with her suggestion for a bracelet source, too! I hope that helps, and I would love to see a photo if you make some button bracelets.

  3. Thank you…if I ever get one done, I will defiantely show you :)

  4. I love your blog. Very very awesome! I want to follow it, but I don’t know how! I’m on blogspot and I don’t know how this one works!

    Love all the buttons…SO MUCH!!!


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