Kristin Roach’s Spring Roll Delight Bag

Kristin Roach generously offers this tutorial for sewing her Spring Roll Delight market bag. You can also use a tote bag you already have, but here’s how to make one from scratch!

Kristen Roach's Spring Roll Delight bag

You’ll need:

-two 2” x 18” strips of both a main color fabric and of a contrast color fabric
-two 18” x 22” pieces of both a main color fabric and of a contrast color fabric
-one 7” length of 1/4” ribbon or elastic
-two buttons, 5/8” or larger
-needle and thread
-sewing machine
-one-inch bias tape maker

1. Use a one-inch bias tape maker to make the straps from the 2” x 18” pieces of fabric. Sew together with wrong sides together by straight stitching along the long sides of the fabric.

2. Sew a 1/2” hem along the top of all 18” x 21” fabric pieces.

3. Sew liner (contrast color) pieces right sides together along the 2 sides and bottom. Repeat for the main colored fabric.

4. Make a flat bottom for your cloth market bag by matching the side seam to the bottom seam and then flattening to form a triangle. At the point where the triangle is 7” wide, fold and press. Straight stitch fold edge to hold in place. Repeat for the other corner as well as the corners of the other fabric.

5. Turn main colored fabric right side out.

6. Place the liner (wrong side out) into the outer fabric (right side out) and pin in place starting at the side seam and going all the way around the top hem.

7. Place the handle pieces and pin in place, each handle is placed 3” from the side seams. Fold the ribbon in half and place 1/2” deep in between the liner and outer fabric midway between the handles.

8. Sew around the top of the hem, 1/4” away from the edge of your fabric.

9. Follow Kristen’s instructions on page 150 of Button It Up to sew on your buttons in perfect spring-roll position!


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  1. These were so easy to make. All of my family is getting some for Christmas!
    Thanks for the great ideas

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