Hello! I’m Susan and I wrote Button It Up. I’m also the author of Bead Simple and the co-author of Super Crafty with my partners in the PDX Super Crafty collective.

susan's books

I’ve contributed projects and essays to other people’s books, including Handmade Nation, The Pillow Book, Sweater Surgery, Tease, Making Stuff, The Crafter Culture Handbook, Get Crafty, Offbeat Bride, and the upcoming Applique Your Way and Craft Corps.

My creation

I also write and design craft projects for magazines and websites, including CRAFT:, BUST, ReadyMade, CraftStylish, Venus, Adorn, Cutting Edge, JoAnn Crafts, CROQ, The Organ Review of Arts,,,, and And I keep a daily craft blog just for fun, West Coast Crafty.

My creation

I live in a 1950s house with a little upstairs craft studio in Portland, Oregon with my husband Andrew and our baby daughter Pearl. I sew and craft as often as possible, in between writing deadlines and reading board books. And I adore buttons!

My creation


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  1. Susan,

    I am so excited for your newest book. I am going to try and meet Sarah at one of your events. I haven’t scheduled it yet with the fam. Don’t you simply adore the Button Emporium. I could spend hours in there, and have! I have a few gems from there I will try and remember to throw in my purse for the next time I see you!

  2. Have you ever heard of ‘Pearly Kings’ and ‘Pearly Queens’ in East London…? You MUST check it out, best use of buttons you’ll ever see:

  3. HI Susan!

    Love your blog! Stumbled across it by accident and I’m so glad I did! Hey check out our Facebook page too:!/pages/California-State-Button-Society/86452353290?ref=ts

    Clare and I are admins and we have lots of Button people who also have great blogs and favorite Button pages on the left of our page! Check us out!


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